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Artist Statement

I am a multimedia artist teacher currently exploring textiles and fiber art processes, especially improvisational quilting, in Los Angeles. I enjoy how “improv quilting” allows me to combine the many other art forms I’ve always loved such as printmaking, drawing, collage and painting with fabric. I was drawn to fibers and sewing at a young age, perhaps because it’s something multi-generational within my family. This type of work is something very comforting, especially in the present when we could all use something soft to land on.


Around the pandemic’s beginning, I turned away from performing “improv” upon the stage and turned toward “improv quilting”, when I discovered the work of Sherri Lynn Wood who shares improv concepts in a digestible and inspiring way, highlighting links between other art forms and to life itself as she builds a sort of underground community of improvisors called “BravePatch” which I am active in. Sherri encourages people to embrace surprise, spontaneity and to get comfortable with unknowns and mistakes. This art from intuition, “yes, and” approach is something that already comes very naturally to me in my own creative processes and work as an elementary school art teacher (@lalalandkidart) guiding young children through holistic arts experiences.  


I’ve also found the painterly work/teaching of Irene Roderick inspiring, especially what she calls “dancing with the wall.” It is this quilt dance of sorts, moving between the design wall, to the ironing board to the sewing machine, to the cutting mat and back around again in no particular order, which allows me to access the “flow state” easily. My life is a quest to stay in that state of flow as much as possible! Irene has also done an excellent job at facilitating an online community of artists from all over the world. These virtual circles of support have been something positive to come out of the pandemic and have helped shape the current state of my artistic practice.


I enjoy imbuing my pieces with personality; watching faces and figures emerge in any medium is exciting to me, so it’s no surprise that my attention has turned there…especially after completing a series of “plastic bag portraits” consisting of recyclable materials. I try to be conscious of my waste and save my leftover fiber bits, sometimes to use as stuffing in soft sculptures or for other “texture-cises”. I enjoy word play and also like incorporating text into my work. 

I am a continued student of art and creativity, often taking (and teaching) many different workshops and classes, with varied projects in the works and on the horizon. I am a visual artist, writer, actress, clown, improvisor, singer, teacher, seeker, ideawoman, connector, collector, yogi, and cheerleader to all on their artistic path! "Follow Your Art" is my mantra. 


Follow me for more on IG @artgirlsy and @lalalandkidart 

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